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Welcome to The Beyond Waste Podcast with your host Lee Marshall, CIWM’s policy and external affairs director. Join us as we deep dive into the world of waste, resources, and the circular economy. In each episode, we’ll bring you insightful discussions with industry experts, thought leaders, and influential voices shaping the future of sustainability. Join us as we embark on a journey to create a more sustainable future by transforming waste into valuable resources.podcast weblog

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Tuesday Mar 26, 2024

In this episode of the Beyond Waste Podcast, we wrap up the Resource Conference Cymru with a detailed examination of the event's highlights and transformative ideas.
Delving into the comprehensive agenda, we concentrate on the most impactful discussions from each session, offering an in-depth exploration of the compelling case studies presented.
Join us as we take a closer look at Dr. Nick Morgan's insights on circular towns through his pioneering research project and Jon Howes' inspiring account of Cardiff Cycle Workshop's dual mission of recycling and skills training.
As Wales strides towards a sustainable future, we dissect its current position and the forthcoming strides in the circular economy.
Tune in to understand how Wales is redefining the meaning of waste and resource management, one innovative step at a time.

Tuesday Mar 05, 2024

Join us on the latest episode of the Beyond Waste Podcast by CIWM, where we delve into the transformative journey of the waste management sector over the past two decades.
Discover how the infrastructure within the industry has evolved, what pivotal policies and events catalysed significant changes, and how these developments are reshaping our approach to waste.
We'll explore the crucial shift from viewing waste as an end product to recognising it as a valuable resource, highlighting the growing momentum towards a circular economy. Learn about the recent policy shifts that are steering this transformation and the impactful role of taxation in driving sustainable practices.
Following a sold out 2023 event, Resource Conference Cymru returns to Sophia Gardens for our unmissable 2024 conference, where we'll be exploring how the resources and waste sector can deliver the infrastructure for a circular Wales. Learn more and book your place, here:

Monday Feb 19, 2024

In this insightful episode of the Beyond Waste podcast, we delve into the pivotal developments and outcomes of COP28, with a special focus on the ISWA Waste Pavilion. 
Join us as we explore the first six months of Dan's tenure as CIWM President, gaining unique insights into his experiences and initiatives. 
We'll dissect his Presidential Report, shedding light on its objectives and impact within the waste management sector.
Our discussion also navigates through the key policy developments of 2023, including an in-depth analysis of the NIC Report and the findings of the PAC report. 
As we gaze into the horizon, we'll discuss Dan's presidential aspirations and anticipate the policy shifts that the waste management sector can expect in the upcoming year. 
This episode is a must-listen for anyone keen on understanding the evolving landscape of waste management and its implications for the future.

Monday Feb 19, 2024

Join us on the next episode of Beyond Waste podcast as we take a journey through the year, examining the evolving landscape of policy.
From the persistent challenges of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) to the pursuit of Consistency in our efforts, we delve deep into topics like Deposit Return Schemes (DRS) and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).
But that's not all! We also explore the changing tides in leadership, with a new Environment Secretary bringing a fresh perspective. Is there still hope for progress as we reflect on where we were five years ago? Can the new Minister seize the opportunity to steer us in the right direction?

Monday Feb 19, 2024

Join us on the Beyond Waste podcast as we delve into Scotland's pioneering journey towards a circular economy. 
In this episode, we welcome Fleur Ruckley and Dr Michael Groves from Topolytics, alongside Barry O'Kane of HappyPorch, to explore the vibrant intersection of technology and sustainability within Scotland's circular economy. 
Discover how Scotland not only champions this innovative economic model with a dedicated minister but also nurtures a flourishing start-up scene, leveraging Scottish Enterprise funding and harnessing ideas straight from the nation's universities and businesses. 
We'll discuss the strategic move beyond traditional recycling paradigms, highlight exciting use-cases, and the role of awareness in the growth of this sector. 
Ahead of this year's Festival of Circular Economy, we'll also reflect on the overlapping themes of material fate and the breadth of possibilities that lie ahead.

Monday Feb 19, 2024

Join us on the next episode of the Beyond Waste Podcast as we explore the fascinating interplay between history and modern waste management with Dr. Henry Irving. A historian at Leeds Beckett University, Dr. Irving specialises in the history of waste management and is currently penning a book on recycling during WWII. 
He is also the recipient of a British Academy Innovation Fellowship in partnership with WRAP, aiming to leverage historical insights for the betterment of contemporary recycling policies. 
In this eye-opening episode, we dive into the evolution of waste management, learn from practices dating back to the Second World War, and discuss how these lessons could transform our approaches today.

Monday Feb 19, 2024

In the first episode, we have two special guests: Dan Cooke, CIWM's recently inaugurated President, and Anna Willett's, CIWM's immediate Past President.
Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, providing valuable insights into the pressing issues surrounding waste management and resource utilisation.


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